About Us

It is the Mission of the Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum to nourish the history and timeless culture of Cowboys in Entertainment, as exemplified by Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and others, for the enjoyment and education of all generations.GeneOnChamp


The Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit as defined by the Internal Revenue Service and holds a registered Non-Profit Certificate of Incorporation of the State of Oklahoma. As such, the Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum is wholly owned and run by the Gene Autry Historical Society, PO Box 92, Gene Autry, OK 73436.



GAHS Concho Logo ol

The GAOHS Board of Directors:

Glenn Smith Jr            President

Angelia Green             Vice President

W.A. MClain                 Secretary/Treasurer




12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Just left the museum feeling as if I had visited a friend! This museum has a large amount of posters and memorabilia of the early western movies! Our tour guide had a immense knowledge of Gene Autry and all the fellow actors and actresses! So glad we came to Gene Autry Oklahoma!!


    1. We most certainly do have a gift shop, we’re not quite ready to put it online but contact the Director at 580-768-5559 to schedule a visit or to inquire about a specific gift item. Thanks


  2. His songs are wonderful he is a treasure! My Moma sang during the day in the 60’s and I would sing along! I sang them to my kids too. I wrote some cute children’s songs and his happy songs influenced. I am an Artist. Guitars are one of my popular subjects. I must paint his.


  3. Do you have a schedule of what days, hour, etc. the Stars will be there? We would like to come, and want to see James Drury, Roberta Shore, and really all of them, but don’t know
    what days yet we can attend. We were there last fall, and you took us on a private tour, which was a great tour, you really know your history. If you remember we were from Joplin, Mo. Bill and Pam Wooldridge, Also do you have the number of that motel in, I think it was
    Ardmore? Thanks again for your help, and the private tour.. Bill


  4. Bill Wooldridge, to answer your questions, the event has been moved to Ardmore, OK. New email is cowboywayfest at gmail dot com.


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