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  1. This is Great, I went the Spirit of the Cowboy Festival in McKinney Tx. But I have never been to the Museum there in Gene Autry Ok. But I will come to this hope yall get Bob Fuller to come.


      1. So glad to hear that you are trying to get Bob Fuller! Please try very hard! He is one that I have wanted to meet for a long time! Another great get would be Clint Walker (of “Cheyenne” fame)! (The Clint Walker Official Facebook Group has 4,871 members.) Also any of the “The Virginian” cast members that you don’t already have would be desirable additions. Clu Gulager and L. Q. Jones tell great stories! The more “The Virginian” cast members you can get, the more The Virginian Posse members (3,554 members) that would want to attend. Last year at Cowboy Up for Vets, we had 9 of ‘The Virginian” cast members. They all were wonderful with the fans. Any would be great additions to your lineup. Good luck with your efforts!


      2. Thanks so much, great minds think alike! the Entire remaining cast for “The Virginian” will be in attendance at our 2018 Cowboy Way MayFest. Come see them!


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