Registration 2017 (Vendors)

Welcome Vendors!

We are excited you’ve elected to participate in our first annual Cowboy Way Fest! The Vendor packet is being proofread now and should be available by January 1, 2017. Please phone Leslei Fisher, Executive Director, 580-768-5559 to get on the Vendor List asap. (only 32 spaces available!)

Vendor spaces are all INDOORS! Each space has one 6ft table and 2 folding chairs. Space is six feet wide by eight feet deep. Double spaces are available based on unsold space after April 1, 2017. Only 11 spaces have access to electrical (one 110V plug).

PLEASE NOTE: As of 1/15/17 The Cowboy Way will open at 9am on Friday May 5. Some of the earliest vendors got information that says it opens at 1pm. This has changed. 9am is the correct opening time.

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Here is the Vendor Registration Packet (Letter, Application, & Rules/Regulations, Space Layout and Site Map), click to download the printable pdf:
(Printable individual files can be downloaded by scrolling down to the appropriate link below)

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To Download a printable pdf for  Vendor Application & Rules/Regulations Only, click on the highlighted text

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Here is our Vendor Booth Layout Map, click on highlighted text to download the printable pdf:

Vendor & Celebrities Booths Map








Here is our Site & Parking Map Only, click on highlighted text to download the printable pdf:

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Site & Parking Map, Cowboy Way Fest 2017

And here are where we suggest you stay, our Official Hotels & RV Parks for the Event:
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Recommended Hotels & RV Parks for Cowboy Way Fest 2017